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    AKIKO OGAWA. Lingerie works in Japanese sizes. To see what the equivalent size in your country is, please refer to the guide below. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


    under bust top bust JAPAN FRANCE USA EUROPE
    (CM) (CM)
    63~67 77~79 A65 80A 30A 65A
    79~81 B65 80B 30B 65B
    81~83 C65 80C 30C 65C
    83~85 D65 80D 30D 65D
    85~87 E65 80E 30DD 65DD
    68~72 82~84 A70 85A 32A 70A
    84~86 B70 85B 32B 70B
    86~88 C70 85C 32C 70C
    88~90 D70 85D 32D 70D
    90~92 E70 85E 32E 70E
    92~94 F70 85F 32F 70F
    73~77 87~89 A75 90A 34A 75A
    89~91 B75 90B 34B 75B
    91~93 C75 90C 34C 75C
    93~95 D75 90D 34D 75D
    95~97 E75 90E 34E 75E
    97~99 F75 90F 34F 75F
    78~82 92~94 A80 95A 36A 80A
    94~96 B80 95B 36B 80B
    96~98 C80 95C 36C 80C
    98~100 D80 95D 36D 80D
    100~102 E80 95E 36E 80E
    102~104 F80 95F 36F 80F



    80~88 S 36 1 S
    85~93 M 38 2
    90~98 L 40 3 M
    95~103 LL 42 4 L
    100~108 EL 44 5 XL